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What are your 2012 gaming resolutions?

Play more or play less? Let us know...

A week into the new year and we've just started to think about our New Year's Resolution.

While we'd like to say it's because we're still a bit hazy-eyed and struggling to fit back into the groove of a working week, it's actually because we've been actively avoiding dwelling on our gaming related failings from last year. They are numerous.

Nevertheless, since everyone seems to be putting together manifestos to better themselves in the year ahead, we thought maybe we should do the same, if only to avoid the crippling shame and disappointment we felt when the the world erupted into a symphonic chant of happy new year. We didn't get the kiss, and we never completed Shadows of the Damned either.

Since we don't want to look like mugs all by ourselves we'd like to hear your new year's resolutions, along with what has urged you to - to borrow a phrase from one Dizzee Rascal - fix up and look sharp.

In the sprit of sharing, we'll open proceedings by laying bare a few of our own failings from last year and our resolutions.


First we're going to try and spend more time playing indie games, one of our most memorable gaming experiences from last year was playing Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP on iPhone.

The brilliant writing, excellent soundtrack, and simple but engaging gameplay made it one of 2011's best games. We'd go so far as to say our time with it was more rewarding than with the majority of big budget games. This year we're going to try and head off the beaten path and make an effort to seek out smaller, indie games.

2011 was also the year in which we spent far too much money on games that we either never played or just played a couple of hours of. This year we're going to be a little more discerning with our purchases and try to maximise the value of games we do buy. We still want to be able to sample everything though, so we might join a rental service.

Those are just a couple of our personal gaming resolutions, tell us yours in the comments below.