Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is US Vita launch game

Tecmo Koei adds to Sony's day-one lineup

If you've taken it upon yourself to keep a full list of known Vita launch games for US, add Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to it.


Tecmo Koei has confirmed that the portable remake of a HD remake of the Xbox original will be joining Vita on US shelves on February 22, which is nice.

The Vita version will incorporate new gameplay mechanics that make use of the machine's hardware features, including the touchscreen, gyro sensor, and the rear touch pad.

For example, you'll be able to switch between first- and third-person views, using the gyro sensor to target your enemies and shoot projectiles, and fire off stronger Ninpo using the rear touch pad.

Sony recently priced up a number of the peripherals you'll be grabbing for your Vita post launch. Is your wallet ready?