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XBLA House Party headliners are Alan Wake, I Am Alive

Trailer reveals games set to be featured in upcoming promotion

A trailer has revealed which new Xbox Live Arcade games will be released as part of Microsoft's House Party 2012 promotion.


As spotted by Joystiq, they are Alan Wake's American Nightmare, I Am Alive, EA's Warp and THQ's Nexuiz.

The trailer for the XBLA House Party, which was reportedly posted early by accident, doesn't reveal any release dates, but last year's XBLA House Party kicked off in February.

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The first details on Alan Wake's American Nightmare arrived last month. The downloadable title is described as being "significantly bigger than any episode of the original game," while Remedy's head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, has said it's a perfect fit for XBLA.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]