Freakyforms Your Creations, Alive!

Freaks slip their leash

If there's one thing our World Of Pokémon and World Of Nintendo sections have taught us, it's that people love sharing their disturbing creations on the internet, whether it's *shiver* sexy Pokémon, or *shiver* Mario characters as they would look in real life.

With Nintendo and Asobism's Freakyforms, you can now add *shiver* hideous oblong monsters to that list. This is a game - well, it's kind of a game - entirely dedicated to character customisation.

Like Drawn To Life, Freakyforms is a platformer of sorts, starring a thing you get to illustrate yourself. Or rather things, as the game encourages you to create a whole zoo of oddly shaped creatures. These 'Formees' are constructed from a collection of basic shapes, which can then be pulled, shrunk, flipped, coloured and copied at will. Add some googly eyes, a novelty hat, and finally wheels, and you have yourself a genuine freak.


Thankfully, crafting a Formee is an intuitive process, with more advanced features restricted initially so you aren't overwhelmed all at once. Even when things start to get a bit Photoshop, the bank of touch icons is fairly easy to figure out.

When your masterpiece is finished, you can either inflict it on others via StreetPass1 or visit a small interactive environment, with the aim to... well, aimlessly explore. Within a time limit of a few minutes, you're free to eat fruit to your heart's content (which in turn leads to pooping or laying eggs, for some reason) though you can always grab coins, take on miniquests or unlock chests if you'd prefer that instead.

Eventually, after several exploring sessions with a raft of differently abled Formees, you unlock the ability to trade coins for Formee 'friends', gaining access to their delicious constituent parts. This leads to more complex Formee-forming, and the circle of life begins all over again.

As a result, Freakyforms is only a game in the loosest possible sense; it's more of a creation tool with a fun playpen attached, which you can supplement and alter to your liking. There are no tangible goals, although your options gradually expand as you experiment with your stable of hideous creatures.

That's not to say the side-scrolling Explore sections aren't worthy of your time. Thanks to a smart control scheme and a brilliant physics engine, simply moving your Formees around is a joyful activity. Everything, of course, is achieved via the touch screen, with the freaks responding to your stylus inputs by contracting or expanding their bandy legs, and bouncing their googly eyes in their triangle heads. Even when your creations lose something in the process,2 animation is the electricity that brings your monstrous creations to life.


As with Spore, the game part of Freakyforms is much less important than the range of bizarre creatures that will hopefully turn up in Google Image Search in the coming weeks. If you're after a proper platform game with light creation elements, prepare for disappointment; but if you're forever doodling weird creatures in exercise books, then in Freakyforms, Asobism might have crafted just the monstosity for you.

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The verdict

A novel creation tool, which should give rise to any number of inspired (read: terrifying) creations.

Nintendo 3DS