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Construction and destruction in equal measure...

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These places feel like real communities, forged by a shared desire to show off creativity and bound by shared enjoyment of both the game, and each others' creations. Fall in love with a Minecraft server and it feels like home.

It's that familiarity that makes Minecraft so enticing. The game's terrible at explaining itself to new players, forcing you to look online at detailed Minecraft-dedicated Wikis to work out how to actually make things like pickaxes and hats.

But that doesn't matter. Once you've got these basics down, you'll know exactly what you want to do, build and destroy. And like Lego, you're never too old to sit down and get lost in the act of creation for hours on end.

Last week, Mojang head Markus 'Notch' Persson stepped down from his position as lead developer on Minecraft.


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The verdict

Big, beautiful, and without limits, Minecraft is the box of blocks you never have to tidy up.

  • Complete and utter freedom
  • Minecraft lets you walk anywhere and build anything you can dream of
  • Endlessly creative communites
  • It's been in beta for a year, and there are servers stuffed with amazing creations
  • You are a creep
  • The game's green, spotted, exploding 'creepers' are notorious for ruining buildings, which makes us sad