Vita 3G's AT&T price plans detailed

No contract, months charges start at $15

US wireless service provider AT&T has confirmed its pricing tariffs for American Vita 3G owners come February 22.


The mobile firm will be offering two monthly payment options; for $14.99 you get a limit of 250MB of data, and for $25 your limit is upped to 2GB. There are no contracts, and unfortunately no option for unlimited data.

Once an AT&T plan is activated, customers will also get an unspecified free downloadable game, and will also be able to make use of AT&T's Wi-Fi hotspots across the States for free.

Sony has named Vodafone as its "preferred provider" of 3G connectivity for PlayStation Vita in Europe. The 3G enabled PS Vita model will come with a Vodafone SIM card when it launches on February 22, 2012, allowing users to jump straight into online gaming sessions.

Customers who connect with Vodafone will receive a free PSN voucher to download WipEout 2048 from the PS Store.

[ SOURCE: Via ShackNews ]