Call of Duty Elite hits iOS tomorrow

Android Versions to follow a week later

Beachhead Studios, the chaps Activision put in charge of Call of Duty Elite, has confirmed the service goes mobile tomorrow.


The CoD Elite iPhone app will be released on the App Store Tuesday, January 10, with an Android version to follow "a week later", reports Venturebeat.

"We've always viewed mobile as a big part of the mission of Call of Duty Elite," said studio head Chacko Sonny.

The app is free for anyone to download and use - you do not have to be a paid subscriber to get involved. It will be compatible with iPad, but an iPad-specific version is in the works for a later date.

The app was intended to launch alongside the service's console debut in November last year, but the issues it suffered due to high traffic saw the mobile versions delayed.

On that note, Sonny assured Elite users that the problems that plagued its launch are officially over. "The issues associated with the heavy load are behind us. The service is operational and lots of people are using it every day."

[ SOURCE: Venturebeat ]