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Choplifter HD hits out tomorrow on PSN - trailer

Xbox an PC versions follow on Wednesday

Choplifter HD will release on the PSN tomorrow, January 10, with Xbox Live Arcade and PC versions to follow on Wednesday, January 11.


Choplifter HD promises to stay true to the classic 1980's franchise, providing players with a side-scrolling helicopter rescue adventure.

"You will be commanding three different helicopter types, each with its own set of upgrades. You will need to deal with your guns and keep an eye on their overheating, utilize your missiles intelligently, boosting when necessary, and of course, keep track of your fuel. You will come up against AA guns, RPGs, jets, tanks, snipers, jeeps, hordes of zombies and more," says studio boss Brian Fargo.

The dev also promises "free DLC with lots more zombies very soon..."

It'll cost $15 in US. Here's a trailer:

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