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Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi won't be selling PlayStation Vita 3G

Vita 3G says hello to Vodaphone and goodbye to JB Hi-Fi

As a Telstra dealer, Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi has an agreement not to sell Vodaphone products. Unfortunately, as the PlayStation Vita comes packaged with a Vodaphone SIM, JB-Hi-Fi has had to cancel any pre-orders and will not be stocking it upon release.


All customers who pre-ordered the 3G version have by now received an email informing them of the cancellation and the fact that the PlayStation Vita 3G will not be stocked at JB Hi-Fi, leaving stock limited to the Wi-Fi version.

The reason? JB Hi-Fi are Telstra dealers. What do phone companies have to do with a gaming console? It would seem a lot. As Sony have decided to partner with Vodaphone for 3G services in Australia, the PlayStation Vita 3G is going to come packaged with a Vodaphone SIM, and as a Telstra dealer, JB Hi-Fi is not allowed to sell Vodaphone products.

The console isn't actually going to be locked into a Vodaphone service leaving you to choose any carrier you wish. It's not strictly a Vodaphone product, but when Kotaku AU brought this up with a JB Hi-Fi rep, he said "we've decided to just keep it simple."

The JB Hi-Fi rep also stated that the call from Kotaku was "the first call we've had about the decision, so we don't think it'll make too much of an impact." There have already been complaints about the 3G version being overpriced at $100 more than the standard Wi-Fi version, so JB Hi-Fi must feel confident that the PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi will win out with customers over the 3G version due to the price.

To 3G or not to 3G? What version of the console did you have your eye on?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku AU ]