Ruffian Games seeking CryEngine 3 experience

Crackdown 2 developer hiring for a number of unannounced projects

A job post on the official Ruffian Games website reveals the studio is seeking someone with CryEngine 3 experience.


The listing is for a senior engineer, and along with CryEngine 3 experience; networking, physics and AI are other areas of expertise beneficial to the role.

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian said recently it has signed "a major contract with one of the biggest publishers in the industry to create a AAA game for current generation consoles".

The LinkedIn profile of lead level designer, Sean Noonan, references an unannounced CryEngine 3 title in addition to four other games, including a third-person action title with an external publisher and a multiplayer-led game.

Can we expect Crackdown 3 from the Dundee-based developer soon then?

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[ SOURCE: Digital Spy ]