Modern Warfare 3 'DLC season' brings '20 drops' in nine months

Trailer shows first content delivery, arriving on January 24

Activision has confirmed that the first download content in its so-called 'Modern Warfare 3 Content Season' will arrive on January 24 for Call of Duty: Elite paid subscribers.


The publisher has confirmed via Elite that it will deliver monthly download content for premium Elite users, with at least '20 content drops' over the following nine months. New content will range from new maps and Spec Ops missions to campaign extensions and new game modes.

As usual, all content will release on Xbox 360 before PS3/PC, and with Elite now in the works, release dates will be split further between premium and non-premium users.

The first content to arrive is a map pack containing two maps, Liberation and Piazza, which Xbox Live-playing premium Elite members get on Jan 24. Non-premium members and players on PC and PS3 will have to wait for further word on their release dates.

Below is a new trailer giving you a brief of Infinity Ward's extensive DLC plans, and a first look at the two new maps in action.

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