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World of Goo hits 1 million Apple downloads

iOS and Mac Store downloads top seven-digits

2D Boy's squishy, blob-themed puzzle game World of Goo has passed the 1 million downloads mark in 13 months on Apple devices.


Most of those downloads, 69 percent of them to be exact, were of the HD iPad version, while 29 percent were flogged through the iPhone.

That say much for Mac App Store sales, but it's worth noting that a Mac version separate from the App Store released long ago in November 2008.

Surely already pleased with its iOS and WiiWare hit, 2D Boy says the game is now taking Android by storm too, having already churned through 450,000 downloads of its free demo and 70,000 of the paid version since its November 2011 release.

We loved with Wii/PC version, and it grabbed the Puzzle Game Of The Year award at the Golden Joysticks 2010.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]