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Razor reveals crazy 'Project Fiona' tablet gaming PC

iPad gets a couple of Nunchuks and Windows 8

Razor has pulled back the veil from its 'Project Fiona' device it teased last week, revealing a tablet gaming PC prototype.


The intriguing device looks basically like a handheld tablet with two Nunchuk-like controllers strapped to either side of it.

It's essentially a PC, capable of running "most" PC games 'without any special tweaks or modifications', according to Engadget.

The machine will pack a zippy Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, and will run a custom user interface via an app for a Windows 8 operating system at its core, with a focus on instantly connecting players in multiplayer games with Xbox Live-like ease.

Although optimization for the device won't be necessary, the firm says it would be optional for developers who want to take advantage of specific control schemes and set ups for the device.

The firm hopes to have it released in the later half of this year for under $1000. Here's a video all about it:

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[ SOURCE: Engadget ]