Gaikai brings cloud gaming to LG 'smart' TVs

LG partnership integrates gaming into your box

Gaikai cloud gaming service has partnered up with LG Electronics to bring PC gaming to new 'LG Smart TV' units.


The incorporation of Gaikai into TV sets will allow owners to stream and play full PC games on their TVs without the need for any extra hardware.

LG says this deal will give owners of applicable TVs access to gaming superior to that of even dedicated console owners.

"The ability to have award winning games that run on much more powerful hardware in the cloud than today's Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, made this a must-have feature for our televisions and future devices," said LG's VP of TV Product Planning Group, Taeg Il Cho.

Gaikai CEO David Perry added: "Until today, to play the biggest blockbuster video games, every household has had to buy and set up expensive video game console hardware. That's all about to change and pioneers in the space can build direct digital relationships with their end consumers."