Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo hits Xbox Live

Gold members prepare to do the FFXIII time warp again...

There's 1.29 GB of Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo waiting on Xbox Live for Gold subscribers to download and give a loving home to.

His name is Atlas. So he's big, Greek and knows the GNP per capita of French Guiana.

As we reported last night, it's also gone live on the American PSN network - and is scheduled to hit the best side of the Atlantic later today.

The slice of demo gameplay comes from early in the game, after a Quantum Leap meets Doctor Who jump through time - albeit with more lustrous hair. Noel and Serah have entered the Bresha Ruins, and there's a vast monster called Atlas who needs some paradigm-based punishment.

It's not a huge demo, but gives the battle system and its occasional QTE quirks a vigorous run-through. Let us know what you think...

Official Xbox Magazine US delivered its Final Fantasy XIII-2 review last week, awarding the game a 9/10 and claiming it "fixes pretty much every point of contention" from the original game.

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