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Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur cross-promotion detailed

Fantasy and sci-fi genres collide, leaving exclusive armour and weaponry in their wake

EA has a cunning ruse to make sure those who delight in a spot of fantasy roleplay in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning simultaneously fill their space boots with Mass Effect 3. And, indeed vice versa.


Play the demo of either game, you see, and you'll unlock some strange genre-hybrid babies in its opposing title - which you can then keep in your antique oaken chest and/or futuristic space locker.

The unlocks are of the weapon and armour variety. In Reckoning you'll be able to tool up with some trendy Omni-blade daggers, for example, alongside a slightly more weathered variation on Shepard's N7 Armour.

Complete the Reckoning demo before playing Mass Effect 3, meanwhile, and you'll unlock Todd McFarlane designed Reckoner Knight Armour and a disc-chucking Chakram Launcher.

It's a clever way to ensure EA's roleplaying audience complete a full playthrough of both demos, no matter what their leaning, and we don't half fancy dressing Shepard up like a space knight. The Reckoning demo lands on consoles on January 17, let's hope it's half decent...

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