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The 12 Best Minecraft texture packs

Check out this fine selection of the best Minecraft texture packs

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Okami Texture Pack by Postermahn

Okami Minecraft texture pack

Dearly departed Japanese studio Clover created probably the most beautiful, artistically unique game of all time with their PS2 adventure, Okami. The visuals were influenced by traditional Japanese art, and Postermahn has brought some of that hand-painted magic to Minecraft. We especially like the stylised animated fire.

Download Okami Texture Pack here

Minecraft 4Kids by Alree

Minecraft 4Kids Minecraft texture pack

Don't be put off by the name - this is a really cool-looking texture pack that gives the world a bright, colourful look, with thick black outlines. It's reminiscent of the once-fashionable 'cel-shading' graphics style. The textures are all brilliantly sharp and high-res too, even down to individual raindrops.

Download Minecraft 4Kids here

Animal Crafting by Dancrum

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Nintendo's famous Animal Crossing series has a really distinct art style, which Dancrum has implemented in Minecraft to great effect. The bold primary colours suit the game perfectly, and the tree and water textures are especially beautiful. Some bespoke Animal Crossing paintings would be good for a future update, though.

Download Animal Crafting here

Sonic Vintage by Affinite

Sonic Vintage Minecraft texture pack

Sonic's Green Hill Zone marries perfectly with Minecraft. That's vintage Sonic, not rubbish new Sonic. This pack adds new foliage, paintings and terrain textures in the style of Mega Drive-era Sonic (or Genesis if you're from the US), and it looks pretty awesome in-game. Textures are 32x32 too, so it's nice and sharp.

Download Sonic Vintage here

Ornate 5 by Sevenfour

Ornate 5 Minecraft texture pack

Now this is a gorgeous texture pack. It has a historical - almost steampunk - feel, with decorative brass windows, classical paintings and dusty bookcases. Realistic grass and foliage somehow makes Minecraft's blocky world look weirdly realistic. It's a shame the creator seems to have stopped updating it.

Download Ornate 5 here

SuperMarioCraft by Egon

SuperMarioCraft Minecraft texture pack

Another texture pack based on retro games of old, this time Super Mario World, the best reason to own a SNES. Like the Sonic textures earlier, Miyamoto's colourful world suits Minecraft's blocky terrain of Minecraft nicely. The neatest touch, however, has to be the reskinned Creepers which now look like Bob-ombs.

Download SuperMarioCraft here

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