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Road Rash


Since EA doesn't seem interested in developing a new Road Rash, how about a remake of the Mega Drive classic? It would sort of be a sequel, but just hidden under the guise of a remake. Basically, we want a new Road Rash... of any kind.

We want EA to just nail the sense of speed whilst avoiding making the bikes too difficult to control. In fact, we wouldn't mind if the tracks kept going in a fairly straight direction like the older games. Who needs corners anyway? They only slow things down.

Combat also needs to remain a major element of the gameplay too. As well throwing punches at passing bikers and kicks that will send an opponent rocketing into a roadside cow, we like wielding weapons. A selection of bats, bottles, pipes and chains, like the previous games, wouldn't go amiss.

We just want the combat to be really brutal, meaty, and, for lack of a better word, visceral; and without wanting to sound like a psychopath, we want each collision between our weapon and a rival biker's skull to have a real crunch to it and solid, weighty impact.

Not only do we want this to make hammering the other riders satisfying for ourselves, it would also make the other riders a bit more intimidating to us, and taking a smack in the helmet would make us violently swerve away in fear. Also, bring back Biff, because we hate him and we want to beat the crap out of him.

We think the Euphoria physics and animation system would be absolutely awesome for Road Rash. Anyone who's played the games will have fond memories of crashing into a car and being sent barrelling through the air and smacking into the tarmac before getting up, dusting themselves off and then running to the finish line rather than going back for their bike.

Euphoria would add weight and realism to each crash, as well as just looking utterly hilarious.

To further add to the brutality we also want to see car windscreens crack and shatter as our rider gets hurled in to them and fences to smash and splinter as our limp body rolls through them at high velocity. The more destruction and interactive environments, the better, we think.

A great soundtrack is also another important factor of the Road Rash series. We don't want licensed punk tracks with whiny, teenage lyrics assaulting our ear drums. Bring back the legendary Rob Hubbard, or Don Veca who did the soundtrack for Road Rash 2 and 3.

Gaming music doesn't get much more awesome than 16-bit thrash metal. The guitar solos (We think they're meant to be guitar solos anyway - it sounds more like a Clanger with a flute) could barely melt a morsel of warm butter, let alone your face, but they were badass regardless.

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