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Joe Danger Special Edition

Stunning stunt racer jumps platform to rapturous applause

Joe Danger is a perfectionist's dream.

Not only do its side-on stuntman-racer-platformer levels reward you amply for the perfect playthrough, each one is so superbly crafted you won't give up until you've nailed it. Perfection breeds perfection.

Not that this is quite perfect, but it's as close as any racer can come. Playing as the titular daredevil Joe, you rip through ramp and jump-filled levels trying to grab stars, find hidden extras and avoid crashing out, all while racking up combos by pulling tricks, flips and wheelies.

Once you're airborne, there are all manner of tricks you can pull off using the triggers and bumpers in combination with the stick. From simple ramps to springs, loops and targets, these levels are designed to let you combo from start to finish, creating an experience that's as amusingly rewarding as it is addictively fun.


It's long, too: not counting all the time you inevitably spend trying to earn stars to unlock more levels, it's packed with time attacks, races and trick runs. It's a download title longer than most disc releases.

And the best part of all? This former PlayStation 3-exclusive has been souped up with even more laboratory-themed levels and neatly refined gameplay. Factor in the great level creator and it's immense value, as well as being one of the most enjoyable games on XBLA.

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The verdict

Dangerously addictive: a superb, polished, enjoyable stunt racer which is as deep as it is enjoyable

Xbox 360
Action, Adventure, Puzzle