25 million playing EA's free-to-play games

Special edition virtual items given away to mark the milestone

EA has announced that its free-to-play portfolio now has an active user base of 25 million players across 237 countries.


Flagship titles Battlefield Heroes and Need for Speed World each reached ten million registered players earlier this month, while Battlefield Play4Free, Dragon Age Legends, Battleforge and Lord of Ultima have a combined player base of five million.

To celebrate reaching the milestone, EA is releasing several special edition virtual items. Battlefield Heroes players can redeem promo code EQ9M-TYYT-TXR3-5GU3 for 300 Battlefunds from today until January 17, which can be used to purchase in-game weapons, vanity items, widgets and more.

In Need for Speed World, players can redeem promo code EWPD-3KGA-VBVF-9HYS for 750 SpeedBoost until January 17, which can be used towards the purchase of cars, performance upgrades and parts.

"Pioneering the fast-growing freemium gaming category is a centerpiece in EA's strategy to reinvent itself as a leader in digital gaming," the company said.

EA Play4Free vice president Sean Decker added: "We plan to continue to innovate in the category, introduce new gameplay that delights players and keeps them coming back for more. For our teams, this is an incredibly exciting time to be making games as the audience continues to grow and diversify."