Left 4 Dead 3: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

We know Valve's track record, or the lack thereof, with the number three prevents another entry in the Left 4 Dead series ever being made, but we've still got plenty of requests on our big ideas list.

As long as DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 keeps rolling out, a L4D3 isn't exactly needed anytime soon, but should a sequel eventually be made, here are the things that we'd like to see...

More atmospheric


Left 4 Dead 2 lost a lot of the dark, creepy atmosphere that made the Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns great. Gone were the night time treks across the city and the eerie soundtrack. Instead we got sunny, southern towns and banjos. What happened?

If you ask us, the majority of levels should take place during night time, and the atmospheric score should return. Left 4 Dead 2 just wasn't that scary, and while the first Left 4 Dead didn't exactly make us cack ourselves, it did always have a creepy feeling to it.

Adding in different weather effects like rain, thunder and snow wouldn't be half bad either. The Hard Rain campaign on Left 4 Dead 2 introduced a storm which lowered visibility and it worked quite well.

There should be more to emphasise the effect of the zombie apocalypse too. While Valve does a decent job with the graffiti scrawled on the walls in the safe rooms, we'd like to see remnants of previous survivors and their battles. Just as an example, we'd like to be roaming a level and come across another survivor just too late to rescue him and watch him get killed by a horde of zombies.

We want a few moments in the game that let us know that we aren't the only humans left, and that there are other survivors out there fighting for their lives. It would help the world feel more alive.

Also, we want to see our legs. We could see our legs in Left 4 Dead 1 but when we looked down while playing the sequel we found that our legs had been chopped off. Give us our legs back!

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