Nyko seeks to fix Vita battery concerns

Worried three hours of gaming isn't enough? You need this

Peripheral company Nyko is, as usually, preparing to raid the market with its range of new peripherals of the Vita when it arrives next month, and here's one gadget that's particularly interesting.


The Power Grip looks on the surface like an ugly attempt to get a PlayStation controller feel out of the Vita, but it's also a battery extension pack.

Nyko says the device will triple your battery life, which Sony estimates to be around three to five hours for gameplay. That's pretty good going.

And where many battery packs can be pricey, this one's $24.99 - throw-away money. And if you don't like the arms they can apparently be folded away behind the unit - which also makes for easy portability.

Could be a handy thing to have for those longer trips.Cast your eyes over our PS Vita review, if you haven't already and don't forget the PS Vita release date is just over one short month away now.

[ SOURCE: 1Up ]