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Nintendo EU store update stars Prince of Persia

SNES and Game Boy Colour versions releasing for Wii and 3DS

Good news for fans of tough 2D platforming - the Prince is back later this week, and he's going all the way back to his roots, as Nintendo has announced two Prince of Persia re-releases for Wii and 3DS.


The SNES iteration of the classic platformer is to launch on Wii, and the Game Boy Colour version on 3DS, which is good news for those who think the prince has gone a bit soft in recent years.

The revamped SNES version is available for 800 Wii points, or around £6, from the Wii Shop channel, and promises "sprawling levels, deadly traps, spikes and guillotines", but surely nothing the prince can't handle. If you can hack it, you'll end up "facing the evil Grand Vizier and rescuing the princess".

The 3DS Prince of Persia can be bought from the Nintendo e-shop for £4.50, or €5, promising a faithful recreation of the popular Game Boy Colour game on twice the number of screens.

Also available later this week for 3DS and DS are the conspicuously-named Come On! Heroes, by Circle Entertainment, a colourful tower defence action game available for £1.80 / €2 / 200 DSi points, and 40-in-1 Explosive Megamix, by Nordcurrent, which is going for £7.20 / €8 / 800 DSi points. "Do you like arcade games - puzzles, action or shooting games?" reads the latter's description. "Well this is just what you have been waiting for: 40 games in one collection."

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