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Rockstar hiring for 'next-gen consoles'

Seeking environmental artists for unnamed project

Rockstar is on the lookout for staff capable of getting the "most from next-gen consoles".


The Grand Theft Auto developer is currently running a job ad seeking environmental artists to work on an unnamed project.

Posted last year, it reads: "We'd like to hear from the industry's most talented environment artists. You will be designing, building and texturing the world, have the technical knowledge to achieve great looking results and the skill to get the most from next-gen consoles."

Could the position relate to Grand Theft Auto 5? It's possible, depending on when the game will be released, or perhaps if it's going to be released on Wii U, which will launch before the end of the calendar year.

Of course, it's all just speculation. It could just as well be Red Dead Redemption 2 or Manhunt next-gen. It's unlikely to be an FPS though, as Rockstar has said it's deliberately avoiding the genre.

[ SOURCE: Rockstar ]