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Irrational 'on pins and needles' over BioShock Infinite reception

"We definitely feel the pressure" of living up to the original, says product development boss

Irrational Games has admitted it awaits the reaction to each BioShock Infinite showing with nervous anticipation, as the success of 2007's original BioShock weighs heavily on its shoulders.


But speaking to the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the studio's director of product development, Tim Gerritsen, said he feels the developer has the passion and skills to deliver an experience that lives up to one of this generation's finest games.

"BioShock was one of the best-received [and best] critically reviewed games of the past decade. We definitely feel the pressure of that," he admitted.

"Every time we show anything to the public, we're on pins and needles over how it will be received, because we're that invested into making BioShock Infinite carry the same weight as the original. We feel confident that we have a skilled team and the ability to make that happen.

"For every success we have, it simply opens up bigger challenges and bigger expectations," Gerritsen added. "We live day to day hoping that we will deliver, and pushing ourselves to do so."

For more on the game, check out this BioShock Infinite preview, in which Irrational boss Ken Levine talks Games Master through his new dystopia.

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