Star Wars: Old Republic 1.1 update delayed

Last minute bugs push back Rise of the Rakghouls

BioWare's delayed Star Wars: The Old Republic's 1.1 update due to last minute issues.


Game Update 1, called Rise of the Rakghouls, was due to release today with new content, level 50 bracketing for PvP WarZones and changes to Open World PvP on Ilum.

But in a statement released to players, the developer says the update will now be postponed for sometime in the next few days, "due to issues requiring additional testing that have been discovered" on the public test server.

"We're working hard to bring you Game Update 1.1: Rise of the Rakghouls and are working hard to ensure your overall experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic is spectacular," the statement reads.

"The maintenance window for Game Update 1.1 will be rescheduled for some time within the next few days, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

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