Uncharted 3 map pack hits PSN today

Four maps revived from U2 with a visual facelift

Naughty Dog will release the first DLC map pack for Uncharted 3 in US today and EU tomorrow.


As previously teased, the 'Flashback' map pack includes maps revived from Uncharted 2.

The previously revealed Cave and Fort are joined by Lost City and Sanctuary, all with new lighting, textures and weather effects applied to alter their look and feel.

The developer has also detailed three map packs on their way to players. "The Rogues Pack 1 and Rogues Pack 2 will let you play as some of the major thugs and minor characters from UNCHARTED 3. Donut Pack 1 will giant-size some of your favorite UNCHARTED 3 heroes and villains," it explains.

It also dropped the above screenshot as a teaser for new campaign DLC. "As you see we are currently hard at work on completely new DLC for your UNCHARTED 3 online adventure," said the dev. More on that soon, it promises.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]