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Ong-Bak video game coming this year

Awesome Thai martial arts movies gets video game treatment

Studio Hive has confirmed today that it is developing a game based on the Ong-Bak martial arts movies.


Ong-Bak is a Thai martial arts movie series starring the incredibly hard-kicking Tony Jaa. If you've not seen them, you're missing out.

Thailand-based Studio Hive says it's developing the game for "various gaming platforms" for release in 2012. It's working in close collaboration with the license holder Sahamongkol Film International, which it says will help it to "achieve a much deeper story involvement for all Ong-Bak fans".

Despite the promise of a 2012 release, the studio left out any solid game details other than describing it as "an inspiring martial arts action experience".

Studio Hive, set up as an art and illustrations production firm, has not previously developed a game, but did work on art for Front Mission Evolved for Square Enix.

Can it pull out a game to match the knee-to-face awesomeness of the movies? We'll see.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]