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Soul Calibur 5 review: First score is 8.9

Xbox World blags exclusive review

The first Soul Calibur 5 review is out, and it's an 8.9 from PSM3 and Xbox World magazines.


The mags call the fighter a "brave new approach" to the series, with "faster and more aggressive" gameplay that risks the wrath of existing fans, but ultimately retains the "tension and frantic violence" of the series.

"More immediate than its predecessors and certainly easier to get to grips with, SCV still retains the special flavour of the series - the weapons make its fights fast and deadly, the kind of battle where one slip ends everything," it writes.

The review also praises the levelling system and amount of unlockables found in the single-player campaign, though negative points are given to the heavy cut-scenes which are said to lack depth and style.

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Soul Calibur 5 has a US release date of January 31 and a European release date of February 3.