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Soul Calibur 5 character screenshot gallery

Splendid screenshots of some of SC5's enduring favourites and new entries

Following hot on the heels of this morning's first Soul Calibur 5 review score come a raft of Soul Calibur 5 screenshots, which are guaranteed to brighten up this rather bleak Wednesday afternoon.

There are 16 shots in all, showcasing a decent mix of returning series favourites, plus some new entries to the Soul Calibur 5 roster. Feel free to nominate your own favourites (*cough* Sophitia) and make unreasonable demands on why they're not appearing in part 5 in the comments field below.


Our friends over at Xbox World 360 called Soul Calibur 5 "more immediate than its predecessors and certainly easier to get to grips with." They added: "Soul Cabibur V still retains the special flavour of the series - the weapons make its fights fast and deadly, the kind of battle where one slip ends everything."

Soul Calibur has always been one of our favourite beat 'em-ups on CVG. We're particularly looking forward to giving latest series addition Ezio a bit of a bash too. Look out for a review appearing on CVG a little closer to the Soul Calibur 5 release date of February 3.

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