Resident Evil 6 teased by new viral site?

Mysterious teaser hints at some form of announcement tomorrow

Multiple reports have linked a mysterious new viral website to a potential Resident Evil 6 reveal.


The website in question,, features a video of a woman cowering in her home, attempting to hide from an unidentified threat, while multiple biohazard signs are dotted around the page, and one of the blog entries is titled "biohazard sign". Biohazard is of course the Japanese name for the Resident Evil series.

The site also features photos of posters dotted around various real world locations depicting the words "no hope left" in a graffiti style. One of these was placed in Vauxhall, London. TheSixthAxis tracked it down and contacted the company that runs the billboard placements, Primesight.

The firm told the site: "Panel number is 2375 03 Parry Street. The company advertising on it is CAPCOM."

The site, which prominently features the date 19.01.12 (tomorrow), is also apparently registered to Identity Protection Service, the same firm behind a previous Operation Raccoon City viral campaign.

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