Sonic Merchandise store is now open

Sega launches dedicated online Sonic merchandise shop

Sega has launched an online shop to cater specifically to your overwhelming need for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.


The Sonic Merchandise Shop is live now in Europe, serving up Sonic collectibles, Sonic electronic toys, Sonic posters, Sonic clothes, Sonic bags and all the random stuff you could ever need with Sonic on them.

And to kick things off nicely, Sega's doing a 15 percent discount on everything on the store by using the promotional code JANSALE15 when prompted.

It can be used an unlimited number of times on anything you want between now and the end of January.

Sega says that while the store is EU only, "plans are in place to launch a similar store for the USA and other American markets at a later date."

[ SOURCE: Sonic Store ]