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Sony's Andrew House Pt. 2

PlayStation's president on Vita, PS3's lifecycle and the future of Sony

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They've made friends - my son has a great social life which I'm envying, as most parents do. What's been really nice for me is that it has been fifteen years since I worked in Japan, and the number of times people have said "Welcome back" is great. That just gives you a sense of people's longevity with the company and that people do remember you and relationships last for a long time.

You graduated in 1986, so how did you wind up working for Sony in Tokyo in 2000?

After graduation, I did some temping in the City. Then, as I had always wanted to work abroad (since crossing the Sahara with friends during a self-funded expedition), I applied for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program run by the Japanese Ministry of Education. I taught in Japanese high schools for two years while studying Japanese, including teaching myself to read and write the language. I joined Sony in Tokyo immediately after.


What is it with Welshmen rising to the very top of Sony?

(Laughs) You should probably ask the other Welshman that question, rather than me.

You did work with Sir Howard, back in the day, didn't you?

I did. I worked between 2005 and 2009 with him. We share Welsh nationality and support the same football team (Manchester United), which I think has always been helpful. We share the same Alma Mater, as well, so there are a number of points there. I don't know - I think it's mainly by chance. It is interesting, because it suddenly occurred to me that our head of Electronics in the US is now a Brit as well, just to add to the equation.

How do you anticipate next year panning out?

I think - I hope - we'll start to see next year delivering on some of the organisational changes and new strategies that are being laid down now. It's my hope that within the next year we'll start to see tangible benefits in terms of products and experiences that can show this new path and strategy for Sony.

From the SCE perspective, I think a lot rests on the success of PS Vita, and that will be our equal number one priority. We went through a very tough time in the company in getting to a point of profitability, and I think we're now beginning to enjoy the benefits of that.

That gives us some more leeway in being able to look at the future and areas of new investment in terms of new business models and new approaches to gaming. It looks to be a far more positive year, I hope, than 2011, and one that yields great benefits to gamers around the world.

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