Skyrim PS3 console command

Want to know if the PS3 version of Skyrim contains console commands?

Skyrim on the PC is a wondrous thing, not only do you get to explore Bethesda's magnificent and occasionally hilariously (in a good way) buggy Nordic world, but with a whirr of your typing fingers, you can access a whole raft of console commands which totally transform the game. A lot of people have asked us will those same commands ever work on PS3 or indeed Xbox 360 versions of the game?

Well alas not and the prospect of being able to alter the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game with console commands seems startlingly remote at the moment. Still, you never know, perhaps Bethesda may make them available as part of some far flung future DLC package. We wouldn't put any groats on it though.


Your only option in the meantime is to look enviously at PC Skyrim players or perhaps splash out on a new PC for 2012 and try it yourself. There's not only Skyrim itself, but new Skyrim mods of the Creation Kit but the wonders of Steam and a whole bunch of mouse and keyboard-centric action to explore.

If you need any inducement to see what you're missing - here's a few of the PC favourite console commands which surely wouldn't' be too hard to replicate on PS3? Perhaps a few posts in the Bethesda forums might swing things your way?

God mode - hoorah, become invulnerable to everything... adopt a winged helmet and do your best Thor impression or go for an eyepatch and pretend you're Odin.

No clipping complete freedom of movement - go anywhere in the world

An instant skeleton key that unlocks doors, chest, anything apart from a maiden's heart

You are now Merlin, granted every spell in the spellcaster's book - fry trolls for fun.

Stuck in the lowly tens? Level up to wherever you like at will. Kind of defeats the point of playing the game but heigh ho.