Resident Evil 6 a cross between Resi 4 and 5 - report

Plus 'insider' reveals an all-male lead in the next Resi game

If a new rumour turns out accurate, Resident Evil 6 will break the series trend of having a male and female leading duo.


According to GamesBeat, citing 'a reliable source within Capcom', the much talked-about sequel will star Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy - two legends of the series but clearly neither of the feminine variety (unless there are some serious secrets yet to be revealed).

Apparently Ada Wong will also make a returning appearance, although her role or prominence went unspecified.

Reportedly handling development at the same internal Japanese studio that made previous games in the series, Capcom is said to be responding to fan feedback for Resi 5, and going for a horror/action mix with the new game - a cross between the scares of Resident Evil 4 and the action-orientated Resi 5.

Responding to the report, the developer said: "Capcom has made no announcements."

Yesterday multiple reports linked a mysterious new viral website,, to a potential Resident Evil 6 reveal today.

Additionally, a new Resident Evil compilation bundle has apparently been leaked by retailers. According to reports, the 'Resident Evil HD Remaster Twin Pack' will bundle Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition with the HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica.

[ SOURCE: GamesBeat ]