Kid Icarus 3D Classics is free with Uprising pre-orders

Pre-order the 3DS game, get the revamped NES original for free

Nintendo of America has confirmed that everyone who pre-orders Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS will get the 3D Classics-revamped original for free.


Nintendo has given the original NES Kid Icarus a significant facelift for its re-release as a 3D Classics game on the 3DS eShop. And you'll get it for free for pre-ordering Kid Icarus Uprising "at select retailers". There's no word on which retailers are participating, and the announcement for now caters only to the US.

According to Nintendo, you'll get a download code delivered with the purchase of Uprising.

If that excites you, it's worth knowing that this isn't the only way US gamers can get the NES remake for free. Nintendo is offering the 3D Classics title to gamers who have purchased and registered two 3DS titles from this list on the Club Nintendo site by January 31.

Nintendo today released an awesome new Kid Icarus Uprising gameplay trailer and information. Today is Kid Icarus day.