Medal of Honor 2: What we want to see

This is our most wanted list. Tell us we're wrong.

With the leaflet included in retail copies of Battlefield 3 essentially confirming Medal of Honor 2 (that's what we'll call it for now, anyway), we think it's safe to assume a release either later this year or next year. That means its speculation and wish list time. Here's what we want to see in the next Medal of Honor:

Have Danger Close do the multiplayer


Hear us out. Opinion is mixed between gamers over which half of Medal of Honor is the better half - the single player or multiplayer. The reason for this is because both were handled by different developers, so one is not necessarily the same as the other. Danger Close handled the single player side of things, and EA called in Battlefield developer DICE to take the reigns of multiplayer. This resulted in Medal of Honor feeling somewhat like Battlefield-lite, and it created a slight disconnect between the campaign and online offerings - a disconnect that we'd like to see removed in the sequel.

So how about Danger Close develop both single and multiplayer this time around? DICE can continue working on another Battlefield or, hopefully, a new Mirror's Edge, and it'll let Danger Close show what they're capable of on the online side of things. You never know, it might turn out great, and we'll wonder why multiplayer duties were ever given to DICE in the first place.

The two Call of Duty developers, while sticking to strict deathmatch formula, still have multiplayer nuances that define their particular series (see Black Ops Zombies).

We'd also like to see the addition of a co-op mode to the game. Maybe not the whole campaign playable with mates, but specific co-op missions not dissimilar from Battlefield 3. We'd like to see split-screen play available for the co-op missions too, and maybe even the online multiplayer. Simply because there's not enough split-screen these days. We miss it.

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