Medal of Honor 2: What we want to see

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Improved Campaign


Medal of Honor's campaign was decent, but we felt it suffered ever so slightly from Modern Warfare syndrome. What's that, you ask? Well we mean Medal of Honor just seemed to follow the conventions of a typical modern, military FPS rather than trying to do its own thing.

We must commend Medal of Honor for going the distance on the authenticity front, but it still fell victim to the same hallmarks of the traditional FPS such as not being able to open doors yourself, having to be boosted over a wall by your team mate because you're too unfit to climb it yourself, and generally being lead around each level by the AI like a dog on a leash.

Just tone down the scripted nature of the campaign a little bit and give us just a bit more freedom in our approach to each mission. Maybe let us take point for once and give our squad orders?

Some more varied and spectacular missions would also go along way to making the campaign more memorable. Did you know that at the beginning of the Afghanistan war there was a small band of Green Berets who rode in to battle on horseback while calling in air strikes? It's true, and although seeing this in the game would probably look ridiculous, it would at least help spice up the campaign and give us something a bit different from the bog standard covering fire/sniping/helicopter missions that we play all the time.

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