Medal of Honor 2: What we want to see

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More emotional impact


War isn't nice, but you already knew that. However, the war depicted in Medal of Honor was still a bit too "clean" and "straight" for our liking, and we feel that Danger Close really missed an opportunity to tell a deep, multifaceted story about the war.

Civilian casualties should play a role in the story somewhat. Not just for the sake of saying "War is bad!" but to show the effect it has. We want the game to explore this moral ambiguity. What are the reactions of the US soldiers when they're forced to call in an air strike on a civilian target, for example?

We'd also like the game to portray a more human side to the Taliban as well, rather than them just being a horde of nameless enemies for the player to shoot. Perhaps a captured enemy could reveal his motives for joining the Taliban in the first place. Maybe he did join just for power, or maybe because he wants to defend his homeland from an American invasion, or maybe his family was killed in civilian casualties.

It would help dispel the notion of a simple "good vs evil" plot. We'd just like more depth to all the characters in the game - team mates and the enemy.

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