CVG: Comments of the week

"Ubisoft and Russel. Two brands that could do with a kicking..."

Here's your weekly dose of hilarity with a selection of posts from the last seven days. We've sifted through and chosen our top comments that provided some serious food for thought. Or at least made us chuckle. Mostly the second one...

Resident Evil 6

Ditch the action and go back to Horror! Ditch the action and go back to Horror! Ditch the action and go back to Horror!
StonecoldMC doesn't beat around the bush.

Hooray it's Call of Resident Evil!
benedictm foresees the scariest Resi yet.

If they don't go back to the endless backtracking, poor acting and awkward controls of the originals, I'm not interested!
Swisspez just wants the classic formula back!

PSN goes down for 13 hours

Wouldn't it be easier to announce the times when the service will be up and running?
smart move, steve_2003

Game boss says 'customers want new consoles'

The title of this story should be "GAME boss says more nonsense because his customer base has shrunk due to Game's ridiculous pricing strategy and utter contempt for it's customers and ill informed staff"
A good point, FatChickThriller, but doesn't really flow well.

Skyrim 1.4 update, PS3 fix

No, dragons will be replaced with 2d paper sprites that crawl arse first a long the floor, in following with bethesda's tradition of updates making things worse
Look on the bright side, Daedalus79, at least they'll be crawling the right way...

Bioshock Infinite 'hardcore' mode

1999 mode eh? Can we expect flat faces, triangular hands and a bonus CD for our slim Sony Walkman?
gmcb007 reckons you've missed a trick there, Ken Levine.

Alienware's small 'console like' PC

Microsoft should slap a Xbox 720 badge on it and be done with it. Millions in research and development saved
Don't give them an excuse to charge £700, Gambini

The mass market must be filled with people who are like my boss at work who walked into a conversation about the price of parking Birmingham and said "I don't understand the problem, then again I'm considerably more wealthy than you"
wait, do I work for Alienware?
Alienware: Revelations starring Killermancarro

Katy Perry shacks up with EA

please keep posting naughty katy perry pictures and keep this thread alive
rivariad keeps up the thoughtful discussion of the industry's business models

Ah,Ubisoft and Russel. Two brands that could do with a kicking.....IMO
Charliecheswick provides a slice of class with this comment.

Just Dance 3's fat burning dlc pack, 'Just Sweat'

I predict an increase in collapsing floors
We just hope you don't live in a flat below any big-boned dance fans, Imaduck.

Thief 4 could feature online mode

More importantly than Thief 4 having an online mode, how does a "4" replace an "E"?
No idea, sulli456.

SOPA: Uk games industry debate announced

Dear America, you do not own the world.
Well said, TheCrimsonFenix