Here's the 'snakeskin' Metal Gear 3DS

So exclusive you have to 'win' the chance to buy it

Here is the first full picture of Konami's limited edition Metal Gear Solid-themed snakeskin 3DS.


The firm has formerly unveiled the limited model following a teaser from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima recently.

If you like your games consoles exclusive, this will be just that: it'll only be sold via Konami Japan's 'Konami Style' eShop, and you'll be required to enter and 'win' a raffle for the chance to buy it.

Yes, 'winners' still have to pay - 22,980 in fact (£190 or $300) - but for that money you get a 3DS your mates won't ever have, the game and two MGS-themed folders. Like, paper folders, for whatever that's worth.

Raffle applications are being taken on the Konami Style page, and the cutoff is February 3. Winners will be notified on February 10.

Here's the thing; do you actually like that snakeskin casing? Isn't it just a little bit... ugly?

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]