Theatrhythm Final Fantasy confirms first 3DS paid DLC

And a first look at a 'Nintendo Network' logo

Nintendo appeared to be taking its online initiatives more seriously in recent months, and early retail boxes for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy further reflect this.


Dummy boxes for the rhythm-action spin-off title have appeared in Japanese retailers confirming in their small print the coming of paid DLC for the game.

With its release coming on February 16 in Japan, it could be the first game to make use of the 3DS' recently-added DLC capabilities.

Interestingly, the box also dons a previously unseen 'Nintendo Network' logo - presumably a new look for what Nintendo has until now called 'Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection', and another hint at Nintendo attacking the whole online business with more purpose.

Nintendo added, via a firmware update last month, the ability for developers to release DLC for their titles.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]