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Vita 3G costs about £103 to produce, say experts

Leaving Sony with plenty of room for future price cuts

The raw materials required to build a 3G-enabled PlayStation Vita have been estimated to cost Sony around £103 per console.


For you, the Vita will cost £229 for the non-3G version and £279 for the 3G model ($249 and $299 in US respectively).

Tech experts at UBM TechInsights tore apart a 3G Vita and priced its components as follows:

- Display and touchscreens: $50
- Battery: $3.60
- Cameras: $3.50
- Wi-Fi/BT/GPS: $3.50
- NAND: $6.00
- SDRAM: $9.25
- Processor: $16.00
- BB+XCR: $16.25
- Non-electronic: $11.00
- Other: $30.00
- Supporting materials: $10.00

A 'retail source' went on to tell Eurogamer that Sony's official trade price to Vita vendors is £217.97 for the 3G model (and £179.05 for the non-3G).

That's a difference of around £115, but doesn't take into account Sony's many wider operating costs that made the Vita happen.

But it does perhaps leave Sony with some room to consider a price cut should it deem necessary in the future.

Regardless, Vita is one slick, very powerful little handheld. Are you happy to pay Sony's asking price?

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]