Ubisoft's Vita launch games coming a week early in US

French publisher adds Dungeon Hunter Alliance to lineup

Ubisoft will release its Vita launch titles a week before the hardware in US.


Confirming that the publisher will talk about each of its launch games on the PS Blog over the next few weeks, Ubisoft PR man Alex Monney said, "All these titles will be available a week prior to launch, giving gamers the opportunity to build up their library prior to the launch of this highly anticipated PlayStation handheld."

He added that the early releases will serve as added options for purchasers of the 'First Edition' Vita bundle, which will also release a week early on February 15 in Canada and US.

The blog posts went on to slap Dungeon Hunter Alliance onto its list of launch games, a fantasy multiplayer dungeon crawler previously released on PS3.

The Vita version of the game has added Vita features, including new touch-screen options and accelerometer controls.

It'll be out on February 14 for $39.99. Vita lands on February 22.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]