Square Enix trademark points to Kane & Lynch 3?

Is 'Sleeping Dogs' IO's next instalment?

A Square Enix trademark has been discovered for something called 'Sleeping Dogs', with speculation suggesting it could be the subtitle for Kane & Lynch 3.


The last instalment in the mixed bag IO action series, Dog Days, released in 2010, and the developer's since confirmed in interviews that gamers haven't seen the last of its criminal duo.

Despite a much better reception for Kane & Lynch 2 compared to its predecessor, even IO admitted that the series is a bit like Marmite. So you'll either love or hate the idea of a third.

A job listing back in September 2011 dropped another hint that Kane & Lynch 3 could be on the way, calling for a senior multiplayer programmer to work on multiplayer technology that "lays the foundation for a yet unannounced 3rd person game with strong cooperative multiplayer elements."

Someone must be excited for this. Anyone?