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Darksiders 2 creator 'would love to do a Legend of Zelda comic book'

Joe Mad expresses his love for Nintendo's hero of time

Joe Madureira, creative director of Darksiders and its upcoming sequel, has said he's a big fan of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda and would like to do a comic book based on the series.


For those not clued up on the who's who of the comic book world, Joe Mad is a prolific comic book writer and artist who has worked on Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool and The Ultimates for Marvel, as well as creating Battlechasers.

In an interview with CVG Madureira was asked to pick the video game franchise he'd most like to adapt into a comic book. He chose Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda, which heavily inspired the first Darksiders. If it were up to us we'd be throwing piles of cash at the guy to make it happen... get on it Nintendo.

You can watch the interview below:

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