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Capcom does reality TV with SFxT tourney

Week-long live-streamed internet show with a $25,000 grand prize

While Sony's punt at reality TV is a typical embarrassment to all mankind, Capcom's upcoming show seems more tolerable.


It's calling it the Street Fighter X Tekken Cross Assault, and will take the form of a week-long fighting game tournament streamed live over the internet.

The competition will pit 10 players - five Tekken fighters and five Street Fighter characters - against each other in a knock-out tournament with $25,000 waiting for the winner.

"This concept takes everything you love about live, streamed tournaments, and then takes it to the next level by adding on new and entertaining situations and challenges, as well as a huge cash prize," says Capcom.

The publisher wants those who wish to enter to pitch themselves with a video explaining why you would be a good choice for the show. Apparently, the firm won't be "cherry picking the top players because we want to open this up to all fighting game players", but it is looking for different aspects such as "tournament experience, personality, comments, likes, dislikes, views".

Let's hope these aren't the type of 'personalities' they're looking for.

Head through the source link for the full blurb.

[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]