Xbox 720 to use Radeon 6000 card, 'six times' 360 power - Report

Microsoft opts for year-old GPU for new console, it's claimed

Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor will utilise a Radeon 6000 series GPU, the latest Xbox 720 rumour report has claimed.


"Sources close to the project" apparently indicated the decision to IGN, claiming that Microsoft's is prepping the year-old graphics processor for its new console, rather than the newer 7000 series.

The processor will be derived from the Radeon HD 6670, it's claimed, which offers support for DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output. You can currently buy the chip for less than £50.

The report goes on to claim Xbox 720's raw graphics processor will boast "six times the processing power" of the Xbox 360 and "20 percent greater performance" than Nintendo's forthcoming Wii U.

The next Xbox will ship to retailers in "late October or early November of next year", the report concludes.

Microsoft has long spoken of its ten-year plan for Xbox 360, which launched in late 2005, but that doesn't rule out a successor launching during the period.

European Xbox boss, Chris Lewis said in August:

"We think we're a little over halfway with the life cycle of the console, but that's not to say there won't be an overlap. I'm not going to announce specifically or talk about timing. But you could imagine there could be overlap, it depends. We're not being specific about the next generation at this stage."

A patent discovered earlier this week has suggested that Microsoft intends its new console to be a digital video recorder, along with a game console.