Final Fantasy XIII-2 movie shows gameplay variety

Side quests, casino-style games, puzzle sections, Chocobo Racing

Square Enix has launched a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer ahead of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game's UK launch on February 3.


Entitled 'Further Gameplay Variety', it shows off a selection of areas and activities that augment the main action.

These include a range of side quests, puzzle sections, a brand new location called Serendipity, a casino-style area with games including slot machines, and the return of Chocobo Racing.

"Also included in the video," Square says, "is footage of Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz, where the player must eavesdrop on the citizens of a certain city for clues as to his whereabouts, and crack his confusing conundrums to win a special reward."

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Official Xbox Magazine US recently delivered its Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, awarding the game a 9/10 and claiming it "fixes pretty much every point of contention" from the original game.

A demo's now available on Xbox Live and PSN. Have you played it and what are your impressions?