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Xbox 720 'will support Blu-ray, might not play used games' - report

Sources also claim it'll ship with Kinect 2 and possibly a smaller controller

As if this morning's Xbox 720 hardware rumour and this afternoon's Wii U one weren't enough, new claims regarding Xbox 360's successor have hit the net.


According to Kotaku's industry sources, the next console from Microsoft will play Blu-ray discs, catching up with PS3 on the physical media front.

The report also claims the console may not play used games. The anti-used game system could in theory link a copy of a game to a specific Xbox Live account.

It further suggests that the new Xbox will ship with a second generation Kinect sensor featuring an on-board processor that allows it to better detect users' motions, and that Microsoft is considering launching its new hardware with a smaller controller than Xbox 360's.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]